Everyone’s talking about education – and these days it’s not just for school pupils. From pre-school playgroups to pensioners, all ages can be involved in learning. But regardless of age or educational level, students and teachers all need one thing – the right environment to work or play in.

Nurseries, schools, colleges and universities all have different requirements and buildings often accommodate a wide range of activities and events. From classrooms, laboratories and lecture halls to catering and sports facilities, Halsion understands this sector of the construction industry.

Sometimes the obvious way of fulfilling a contract won’t work, perhaps because equipment has to be fitted into an existing building or alongside previously installed services. In these cases, our own approach to problem-solving is based on lateral thinking: we appraise the issue from every possible angle and remain open to the radical or unexpected answer.

We also believe in learning from experience. Our Equal Opportunities Policy commits us to good recruitment and employment practices and we are opposed to discrimination on any grounds. Our staff are the best; friendly, conscientious and with a positive attitude to the technical problems they face each working day.

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